We communicate in the most relevant and simple form in order to fulfil our clients briefs.

We do this by storytelling through creative design, image making and words, we also design and build
great websites or put together award-winning restaurant experiences including interiors. We have many hats but a lot of it comes down to listening to you, offering business and marketing advice and coming up with the solutions.

This is called brand strategy, which we now offer across all types of business and specially in the hospitality, tourism, food and drinks industries.

We love our job.

about our web design services


Meor Design is a full-service multidisciplinary agency, the list below demonstrates the services we can offer:

Brand strategy
Brand identity
Identity collateral
Product design
Packaging design
Signage design
Print design
Art direction
Web design
Web development
User experience design

E-commerce design
Copywriting and editing
Content creation
Interior design consultation
CAD drawings
Retail design
Restaurant and bar design
Exhibition & display design
Creative workshops