The Plastic Surgery Group

National cosmetic surgery provider

The Plastic Surgery Group (TPSG) was incorporated in July 2016 by plastic surgery consultants, Mr Daniel Marsh & Mr Mohammed Akhavani and London based GP Mike Smith.

TPSG’s overarching objective is to become one of the leading suppliers of aesthetic, cosmetic and lifestyle procedures in London; positioned within the top three largest providers in the city.

A brand workshop led to undertaking a ‘deep dive’ into the group, to better understand the values, aspirations and goals. The purpose was to create the right visual language to prepare the group for its next phase of development and reinforce its brand values. Ultimately this identified the target market sector and positioning, competitor landscape, a tone of voice and the potential customer journey. Content strategy and creation were implemented for social media to further establish the brand in a more suitable and refined way.

The second major project was design and development of a bespoke website with a primary focus (in terms of user experience) aimed at prospective customers. The brief was to quickly grab the attention of potential clients and, within a matter of seconds, provide the necessary assurances around the safety, reputation, legitimacy, and the expertise of the surgeons and clinic. Additionally, a large proportion of potential clients need assurances around the affordability of their chosen procedure, and this information needed to be readily accessible, with the ability to make a low-pressure enquiry to the provider.


  • An overall branding strategy
  • Competitive positioning
  • Design guide
  • Logo
  • Tone of Voice
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Case Studies