Dance Republic 2

A creative venture for people who love dance

Based in Cornwall, Dance Republic 2 (DR2) are a creative venture for people who love dance: watching it, doing it, making it, teaching it and writing about it. They produce, present and programme performances.

DR2 lead collaborative dance consortium’s for Cornwall schools and Youth Dance training. The shop window to their activity comes in the form of SALT, their festival of landscape and dance.

Meor was asked to brand Salt, A Pinch of Salt, DR2 and Propeller. Along the way we have built websites and produced print materials (postcards and flyers).

In late-2017 we created an elaborate image montage for Prideaux Angels. For this performance we made bespoke artwork for billboard banners, flyers, press advertising and posters.

DR2’s mantra is that people have a right to witness, every now and again, great art in dance.

We hope we have helped them on their journey through our visuals and colour.


  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Print Materials
  • Image Manipulation